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O Museu das Migrações e das Comunidades foi fundado por deliberação do Município de Fafe em 12/07/2001.  Um Museu que pretende aprofundar o conhecimento das migrações na diáspora portuguesa.

Atividades / Eventos



Assembleia-geral da EEMI 

The Association of European Migration Institutions

Paris - Outubro de 2005



Association of European Migration Institution

Conference, Paris, 6. and 7. october 2005

The European Migration Heritage Week October 2nd to October 8th


assembleia aemi 2005

Participantes: Seminar Cinema, literature and immigration

Maison de l’Europe
35 rue des Francs-bourgeois
75004 Paris

6 et 7 octobre 2005


9h Opening of the conference
Welcoming speech
Mrs. Catherine Lalumière (under reserve) and M. Brian Lamkin

M. Mustapha Ammi

9h30 - 12h30
First session: cinema and immigration
President: Yvan Gastaud (France)

The place of the Algerian immigration in French cinema 1975-1985: from silence to the light
Naïma Yahi (France)

Knute Rockne, all American, the story of a Norwegian immigrant as told by Hollywood
Knut Djupedal (Norway)

Movie Cheese and Jam: migration in self-perspective
Kristina Toplak (Slovenia)


14h30 - 18h
Second session: literature and immigration
President: Maria Beatriz Rocha Trindade (Portugal)

Migrants and whales. Reality and metaphor in the Luxembourg literature.
Maria Luisa Caldognetto (Luxembourg)

Crossings, odysseys, exile: literary and cinematographic reflections of migratory routes towards France (1945-75)
Yvan Gastaud (France)

Cultural transfer and condensation of the memory: migrations of the text in the news of exiled writers Henry Kreisel (1922-1991)
Patrick Farges (France)

Between setting in scene and narrative : the figure of North African in the French press
M’hamed Wahbi (Morocco)



9h - 12h30

Final session: museography, literature and cinema
President: Antoinette Reuter (Luxembourg)

Literature, Cinema and Television Productions in Migration Museums
Maria Beatriz Rocha-Trindade (Portugal)

Collecting and interpreting 'Emigrating objects': recent example from has Northern Ireland Brian Lambkin (Ireland)

Presentation relating to Museums of Migration, scope one Fafe Museum....
Miguel Monteiro (Portugal)

Discussion and conclusions provisional of the seminar

12h30 - 13h : Conclusion by Jacques Toubon, chairman of the National Museum of the History of Immigration.

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